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I am so excited whenever I have the opportunity to do a maternity session outdoors in the winter! So when my sister came for Christmas … I convinced her to get her Florida-based behind outside into the snow and promised it would be worth it. (It took approximately no convincing, to be honest, and her boyfriend – a Florida native no less! – also happily came out for the snowy fun.)
If they can jump into the wonderful snowy world that the beautiful Adirondacks gifts us with year after year … so can you.
curly red head pregnant woman in snow

10 Reasons Why a Winter Maternity Shoot is the Best

  1. It provides seasonal context to your pregnancy.
    2. It often leads to snowball fights and other snowy-specific magic.
    3. When pregnant, your body runs a degree warmer – so if not now, when?!
    4. The pop of color (or blacks in this case) of your wardrobe always looks incredible against the white snow.
    5. The background is generally monochromatic – so you stand out strong in your pregnant glory.
    6. As a new parent, you will probably minimize your time outside in the winter … so enjoy it now!
    7. Accessories – like hats and scarves and gloves – are perfect details.
    8. Layered wardrobe is where it’s at for a winter session – not only for warmth and comfort, but also for the “looks awesome” factor.
    9. We live in a place with winter lasting approximately six months a year.
    10. A winter maternity session is the perfect time to snuggle with your partner.


Need I say more?
Whether you’re looking for a magical rural maternity session like this one, or one set in a magical urban winter scene … let me know! We’ll set something up.

red head curly hair woman and dark haired man walking down winter path holding hands

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