4 Reasons to Include a Birth Photographer on Your Birth Team

baby feet wrapped in hospital blanket

As outgoing and friendly and chatty as I am in my regular life … when it comes to births, I crave disappearing into the background and documenting the birth story as it unfolds.

At its heart, I am a story teller. And there is no greater story, than that of your birth.

4 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer


  1. Birth is intense. It’s a lot to process in a relatively short amount of time. Images that show your story, are an incredible tool when processing your birth story.
  2. Those early memories fade quickly. It’s incredible. There’s so much. And the images captured by your birth photographer allow you to revisit memories you may have been unable to hold on to. For me, the last birth is the only one I had photographed. There are no words to describe how I felt the first time I saw the pictures from that birth. Most of them, I didn’t realize were being made while I was birthing. Those are the ones I am most thankful for.
  3. Birth is beautiful. It’s the loving support of a dedicated life-partner. The guidance of a competent doula. It’s the reassurance of an experienced care provider. The strength of a mom working her baby into the world. And the details that show the beauty in this place of birth. It’s the tender look a family member gives the birthing mom. The joyful expression when the mom finally sees her baby’s face. And it’s the tiny toes, curled into a small foot. All of this captured in beautiful imagery for you to treasure.
  4. Your support team needs to be present. This means that photography can’t be your partner’s job. Even if your partner happens to be a professional photographer.
    Behind a camera, composing, and creating beautiful images – some separation between the photographer and the scene is guaranteed. Physically, there is a camera between the photographer and the action and the photographer is invisible in the story. Mentally, the photographer is focusing on the technicalities of creating an image. Emotionally, the camera lessens the photographer’s ability to be engaged in the present.
    Birth photography requires a skill set not universally known among photographers. It requires extensive knowledge of the typical (and atypical) progression of birth and experience with working in low light situations.
    If your partner isn’t a professional photographer ….   it’s easy to forget where the camera is, never mind remember to take pictures when you’re in the process of birth.
    Your partner is part of the story. S/he will want to hold your hand. They need to bring you water. And s/he may need to whisper words of encouragement. Inevitably, they will prioritize holding their baby. They don’t need to be worried about capturing images.


With a dedication to storytelling and a passion for birth, I am honored to document your birth story. Due to the unpredictable nature of “scheduling” births, I take a limited number per month. So please let me know, as soon as possible, if you’d like me to document your birth!


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