18 Tips for VBAC Candidates

With a third of babies born via surgery, it’s no wonder that many women are seeking a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Fortunately, those that have gone before are a compassionate, generous, and wise group. When I asked for advice for VBAC hopefuls, these women had some wonderful pieces of wisdom.


Tips for a Successful VBAC

  1. Research birth place options and find one that is VBAC friendly.
  2. Write a birth plan so everyone knows your wishes when you get to the hospital.
  3. Hire a doula.
  4. Hire a supportive midwife/OB
  5. Don’t be afraid to change providers (try the midwife in the office, or switch offices if needed) if you find them to be unsupportive of vbac
  6. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.
  7. Connect with other women who have had VBACs.
  8. It’s okay to be scared.
  9. Consider taking a prenatal class that increases your self awareness. Suggestions include: prenatal yoga, hypnobabies, etc.
  10. If your care provider tells you that you are not an appropriate VBAC candidate, get a second opinion.
  11. Take time to process your past experience, your current experience, and your experiences in the future.
  12. If possible, decline an induction.
  13. Arrive at the hospital as late as possible in labor.
  14. Believe in yourself.
  15. Know that you are strong and brave and your body is perfect.
  16. Know that you are not alone.
  17. Read, read, read.
  18. Remember that a csection is only part of your birth story. You grew a baby! That scar is a badge of your power as a mother.

Anything else that should be added to this list?

Big THANK YOU to Rachel, Laura, and Deb who all kindly shared their experience and wisdom <3

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