Surviving Holiday Gatherings with Gestational Diabetes

So you had your glucose tolerance test … and then the more rigorous follow up test. The follow up test has confirmed what you feared – a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis.

This can be overwhelming – at first. A restricted diet (isn’t pregnancy was about midnight ice cream runs!??), pricking your finger multiple times a day, and monitoring sugar numbers closely is all now part of the routine.

Diet changes include avoiding sugar. Unfortunately “sugar” is not the same as “dessert”.  (Pro tip: when in doubt, load up on protein.)

The holiday season can add another layer of complication to a gestational diabetes diagnosis.


5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Gatherings with Gestational Diabetes

  1. Bring Water – you want to stay hydrated and it’s easier if you have your own water on hand at all times. It means no debating if it’s worth risking the calories in whatever the beverage is on hand.
  2. Bring Snacks – like any expecting person, you will be hungry often and feel full fast because your stomach only has so much room when sharing space with an enlarged uterus. High protein/portable snacks include: cheese, edamame, and nuts, sliced veggies, hard-boiled eggs. (Some of these snacks are not ideal in warmer temps, but work fine in the winter in the North East.)
  3. Look for High Protein Eats – fill your plate with cheese, meat, nuts, eggs, chili, seafood, and unsweetened yogurt.
    (Some foods with high protein are also high carb so your numbers may be too high with the following, but they are worth trying – milk, oats, quinoa, lentils, hummus, popcorn)
  4. Fill up on Low Carb Options – veggies (avoid carrots, corn and peas; but peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms, green beans, greens, brussel sprouts, and broccoli are all excellent choices), rice/pasta-free broth-based soups, sour cream, avocados, spinach dip, and bean-based pastas.
  5. Freeze What You Can’t Eat – there will be holiday specific-treats that you’ll be sad to miss this year. Freeze everything. You will seriously love these yummy cold treats in a few months (or less!) after your baby arrives. (Ask me how I know 😉 ).

What would you add to this list?

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