Birth Doula

Birth Doula

A birth doula is a skilled non-medical birth attendant. She provides non-clinical physical, emotional, and psychological support to birthing mothers and their partners.
As a mother myself, birth advocate and birth photographer, I know how important birth is in the story of a family. I am committed to supporting woman have the birth they see as best for them and their baby.

Doula services include:
Prenatally North Country Doula
I am available throughout your pregnancy.
During these conversations prenatally including one in-person session:

  • we’re building our relationship
  • working on a birth plan
  • discussing pregnancy-related concerns
  • offering referrals to relevant local services
  • providing access to a lending library of relevant books and resources

My role as a doula is to support you, as the birthing woman, and your partner (if applicable).
This includes:

  • being on call 24 hours/day beginning at 37 weeks gestation
  • phone support in early labor
  • in-person support during active labor
  • encouraging a peaceful environment conducive to laboring

Suddenly you have this baby – and whether it’s your first or your tenth – it’s always a little unbelievable. It’s important to have continuity of care and an opportunity to process your birth as well as discuss pressing baby-care concerns soon after birth.
One postpartum in-person session includes time for:

  • processing your birth
  • discussing newborn-related concerns
  • breastfeeding support
  • cloth diapering, babywearing, etc support
  • offering referrals to relevant services as needed
  • connection with other local moms