Remember Summer in the Adirondacks? :: Brown Eyed Photography Maternity Session

It’s this time of the winter when I’m really ready for summer. March always seems like such a l-o-n-g month!
When I stumbled across this maternity session from last summer, I couldn’t help but share them all with you. Remember the warmth and light of the sun? The beauty of the wildflowers (and children running wild and free?) No layers of clothing. No cold fingers. No clunky boots.
This is why we live in the Adirondacks.
A few beautiful wintery months … and one glorious summer season!
So in case you’re needing a summer-pick-me-up-at-the-beginning-of-March … here it is! Bask in its warmth <3 couple kissing in tall grass with mountains behind
children with pregnant woman wearing floral shirt
I love watching families grow and evolve over time. People get married, they have babies, their babies become older siblings, the siblings become big kids and then tweens. It’s fun to document the changes – the long haired preschooler who decides to cut off her hair when she’s nine; the wild-flower-collecting toddler who creates beautiful bouquets that his mother still treasures; the baby who always eats pebbles and as a teen is passionate for horses. Interests grow and change, families expand and merge, children get taller and more independent ….. and the love the binds them together deepens through the years. It’s such a gift to see the toddler in an image on your wall and wonder at the preschooler they’ve become – just a year later, never mind a decade or more later!
pregnant woman sitting in field in the adirondacks
couple kissing on a path with their children nearby

If you’re feeling the winter blues and also expecting a baby this summer …. let’s cheer you up by scheduling your maternity session now! Maternity sessions are ideally scheduled between 34-36 weeks gestation. Get in touch, and we’ll figure out the perfect location and date for your session.

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