When Everybody and Your Mother has an Opinion

baby feet wrapped in hospital blanket

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Everyone is so excited!
You’re birthing. Yay! You’re finally meeting your baby. Everyone is excited!
You’re breastfeeding. That baby is demanding milk NOW! You’re doing your best to do what’s best for your baby.

baby feet wrapped in hospital blanket

You’re parenting. Everyone has an opinion.

Your mom.
Your partner’s mom.
Your best friend.
Their parents.
Your sister.
Your sister-in-law.
Your neighbor.
The person in front of you (and behind you!) in the grocery checkout line.


This advice can seem critical and judgemental as you’re juggling a new baby in your sleep deprived state and doing a fine job thankyouverymuch.

Keep in mind, this well intentioned advice comes from a place of compassion. The adage “it takes a village” – it’s true. And humans take it very seriously.

Welcome advice with an open heart, maybe the advice will be helpful.

If not, here’s Five things you could say to deflect the advice:

  1. Thanks, I’ll think about that.
  2. Interesting point, maybe that would work.
  3. Everyone just does the best they can with the information they have at the time.
  4. That’s not something we would feel comfortable with in our family.
  5. This is what works for us.

Remember: this is your family, your child, your life.
You alone are responsible for the choices you make.
And there are so.many.choices. to be made!
Research, welcome input from those you trust (and strangers too, why not?), and ultimately listen to your heart. What makes the most sense to you?
And then, armed with your own intuition and research, engage with the well meaning opinion-sharers.
Or smile and nod and go ahead and do whatever you think is best for your family.


Whether you’re pregnant, or birthing, or breastfeeding – let’s document it!
Get in touch and we’ll get your name on the calendar.

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