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I’ve mentioned a few times that the birth-year is so fleeting. When you’re living it, pregnancy seems to last about five years, birth lasts about a month, and the newborn phase lasts about three years … but suddenly you realize you’re baby is 6 months, a year, 18months old … and it’s hard to remember what being pregnant felt like exactly, you could totally give birth again, and that newborn baby? You can’t remember just how fine their hair was, how tiny their toes were, or how tight their grasp was on your finger. Documenting newborns in Northern NY is an awesome challenge – incorporating a new human into the beauty of the Adirondacks.

Mom knows

…. Fortunately for this family, Jacob’s grandmother, having raised four babies and actively involved in the local breastfeeding community, knows how fast this time goes. She decided to gift Jacob’s parents with a maternity and newborn photo shoot. I was so honored to document this growing family! With every birth, it feels like the earth shifts a bit – especially the first baby in a family. Suddenly, these every-day people become grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles. New roles, that everyone adjusts to and embraces, as much as they embrace their newest grandchild, baby, niece or nephew. This means a lot of staring in wonder at this new tiny person – a whole person inside the tiniest of human bodies <3

newborn baby outside with parents

newborn photographer northern ny

Newborn Photographer Northern NY

As a newborn photographer in Northern NY, I am honored to meet so many fantastic growing families. Capturing authentic images of their newest addition – in those very early days, when babies are growing and changing so incredibly fast, is amazing. These images are treasured for a lifetime – and beyond. These are the images Jacob’s parents will pull out to remember how tiny he was. It will seem unbelievable that the kindergartner was this sleepy eyed; that this high schooler could curl up smaller than his mom’s torso; that this college graduate had fingers that were so tiny.

When Jacob has his own children, his parents will rush to pull out his baby pictures to compare. There’s nothing more beautiful. And this will also be the time, when Jacob will be amazed at how much he looks like his own dad now, and his mom. How his grandmother still has that yellow chair, but when he sits in it now – he fills it!

These moments are so fleeting.

Contact me today (when you’re still growing that baby on the inside!), to talk about your newborn session!

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