Just do one thing, when you’re a new mom



I always have big plans for that slow-time postpartum, when I’m a new mom again. I’m going to strap the new baby on my body (also known as babywearing ), and just keep doing life. That’s my plan. Every time.
And every time, I’m reminded that newborn care is time consuming.
The first time this really surprised me was with my second baby.
I was already caring for a toddler – how different would life be if we added a baby?
It turns out – a lot.
So for overwhelmed moms with newborns, it’s okay.
This is normal.

It gets easier

But at first – just survive.
As a new mom, your job is to take it easy and take care of your newborn.
When you start feeling frustrated by your lack of “productivity”, make a to-do list.
A short one.
With one item on your to-do list.
For me, that was – getting a load of laundry in the washer.
That’s it.
If I did that, it was a productive day.
Well done Mama!
Life is slowly adjusting to your new normal.
You got this!

This time will go by fast and slow.
Right now the days drag.
In a year – you won’t believe it flew by!
I would love to document your life as it is now. Get in touch, and let’s get a time on the calendar for me to come and hang out.
Maybe that’s you’re one “to do” on your list today.

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