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After documenting my sister’s pregnant belly over Christmas in the Adirondacks and the first few days of parenthood in the hospital, I was able to act as postpartum doula – everyone should have one of these! – and took time to grab my camera as often as possible to provide lifestyle newborn photography, documenting Wally’s early days.

Documenting the Changes

Baby’s grow so fast in those first few weeks: their details mature and their bodies uncurl. I made it my job (or one of them) to document Wally in his environment … and capture my sister’s in hers. A baby getting to know the world around him and a woman adjusting to her new role as a mother. They both came out of those first few weeks glowing. My sister is completely in love with this creature she birthed (she spent as much time as possible snuggling with her baby and staring at him, memorizing this new person). And he slowly uncurled and showed his beautiful blue eyes and approximately 3,404 different expressions.
lifestyle newborn photography


As a mom (and now and aunt!) I can tell you that a lifestyle newborn photography session is an incredible gift to your future self and family. At six months old, these images of Wally are already treasured! He’s changed so much already. Look at how little he was!!

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