Lifestyle Newborn Portfolio

“Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart.”


The first few weeks after birth, with a new baby weaving its way into your family, is full of precious moments. You’re getting to know them. They’re getting to know you. You’re smelling their head. They’re snuggling into you. You’re surprised how little they are. They’re having a hard time keeping their eyes open for more than a few minutes. You’re adjusting to a non-pregnant body. They’re adjusting to breathing air.

And yet the world keeps spinning.
It’s amazing.

New Baby Photography

These first few weeks that are so unique are beautifully documented with a Brown Eyed Photography Lifestyle Newborn Session in your home. Endearing images of your newest addition will be created, along with images of your baby with any older siblings – and with you!
This time is short and in less time than you know, it will be hard to remember how much hair your baby had, how tiny their fingernails were, how tightly they curled their body.

Brown Eyed Photography skillfully, quietly, and gently captures babies in their first few weeks of life. These sessions take place where the family is most comfortable – in their own home. During Lifestyle Newborn Sessions we can include the hat you knit while pregnant or the blanket your aunt gave you for the baby. Documenting your new baby in their environment lends itself to personalized imagery to treasure forever.

Let’s Document Your Beautiful Life!

Get in touch, and let me know when you’re expecting. I’ll get your name on my calendar for a tentative date (babies don’t read calendars, so I keep that in mind when “scheduling” Lifestyle Newborn Sessions) so we can be sure to create fabulous images of your new baby in the first few weeks of life..