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When another doula invites you to her birth, you may squeal a little. Or at least, I do. In my role as a birth photographer and doula it was amazing to witness Becky’s family and friends surround her.
This mama is notorious for calling in support as she’s a minute from birthing her babies. So when she let her support team – which included two close friends, her husband, her daughter, a friend who stepped in to have the younger kids to her house during the birth, her midwife, and myself – know that she thought today might be the day, no one wasted time getting to her house. And everyone made it!
On reflecting back on her birth, Becky said:

When I think back on it I am overwhelmed still, by the power and love that my daughter was born into.

Soon after Flora was born, Nick made a trip to the kitchen to make a coffee for Becky. He said:

This is so great! We feel so loved by our community, with all of you making time to come here for this birth. This was amazing.

He was definitely relishing in the amazing post-birth high. His support was a big factor in what made Becky’s birth beautiful.
During Becky and Nick’s birth, Becky was free to move, drink, and talk as she felt comfortable. She told us that it was hard and this baby was the biggest baby she’d ever birthed. Considering this was Becky’s 6th birth, we should have listened. Flora weighed in at over 9lbs and came out with a hand to her cheek!
Flora’s siblings were so so excited to meet her! The family’s absolute delight in this beautiful baby was so heartwarming.

Welcome to the world, Miss Florence <3


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