General FAQs


Where do sessions take place?
Maternity and Breastfeeding shoots take place in a location of your choosing. Typically Maternity and Breastfeeding sessions happen outdoors (we live here, so take advantage of the awesome Adirondacks!). I will collaborate with you in deciding where the ideal location is for you.
Lifestyle Newborn sessions, on the other hand, always take place in your home to maximize documenting your baby’s life (and yours!) in those first few weeks.
And Fresh Baby sessions take place within a few days of birth so take place at home or in the hospital – depending on where you birthed.

What should I wear for my session?
General rule of thumb: whatever you’re comfortable in. During this phase of life, where you’re carrying a tiny human inside of you or outside of you – comfort is key. Having said that, some suggestions include: wearing solid colors work best as do long sleeves.

How long does a session last?
Maternity and Breastfeeding sessions generally last 30-45 minutes. Fresh Baby sessions take a bit longer – up to 90 minutes. And Lifestyle Newborn sessions usually take about 2 hours.

What time of day do you typically schedule sessions?
For outdoor sessions (Maternity and Breastfeeding), the golden hours that occur close to sunrise and sunset are ideal, particularly close to the Summer Solstice.
For Fresh Baby and Lifestyle Newborn sessions, any daytime hours work well.

What if it rains?
Obviously only a concern for outdoor sessions. A downpour is no fun for anyone and we will watch the weather and reschedule as needed, for as soon as possible. With a chance of rain or sprinkles – it’s fun to just go with it. The colors pop because they aren’t getting washed out by the sun and people tend to be more relaxed because it’s a little ridiculous 🙂

What is included in the session fee?
Your session fee covers my time, expertise, and hand editing each finished image before your viewing session. Please note: your session fee does not include prints or products.

After Your Session

How many images should I expect?
You can expect 20-30 images.

How long until I see the images?
Approximately three weeks after your session, we will schedule a viewing session to see your images. At this time, you will be able to purchase a collection or prints and products a la carte.

I just want the digital files – how does that work?
Providing my clients with high quality professional prints and products is my priority. I absolutely understand wanting to have digital images for sharing online with friends or printing additional copies. However, often clients get overwhelmed or busy and never get those wall prints made once they take home digital files (think of how many images are already on your computer and not printed!). Therefore, I am primarily a print-based photographer. However, a matching full size file and social-media-ready file is included with every wall portrait purchased.