Five Reasons Why a Fresh Baby Session is a Must

My incredible mother graciously arranged for me to be with my sister in her early days of motherhood. It was an incredible experience for both of us and allowed for me to have access to her life not only as a sister, but as a photographer, documenting her early days. While capturing her days in the hospital recovering, it got me wondering why professional pictures so soon after birth are so so special.
And I came up with a list.

newborn baby wrapped in hospital blanket

Five Reasons Why a Fresh Baby Session is a Must

  1. Those first few days fly faster than ever … and can easily be forgotten. Those first yawns, the tiny curled up baby body, the tightly closed eyes … these are the memories that fade in the days and weeks that follow birth.
  2. Your tired. Your partner is tired. You grab pictures when you can. But they somehow don’t capture how wonderful your new baby is. A Fresh Baby Session means one less responsibility for your tired mind and body.
  3. Fresh Baby Sessions happen within the first few days of life. This unique time is like no other. And these images are just as unique, showing the environment of your family in that first day or so after your newest addition. The goal is to tell your story, show the connection and love between you and your new baby.
  4. These sessions allow for the intimacy of the first few days being beautifully documented without the commitment to having your whole birth experience documented. Fresh Baby sessions are quicker than a newborn session, but still provide authentic documentation of your life. Just like during Lifestyle Newborn sessions, you don’t need to “do” anything – just be yourself.
  5. Those first few days tend to be protected from the stress and responsibilities of every day life. This time, where you are soaking in your new baby, is an ideal time to document your family.

fresh baby yawning

newborn baby at the hospital

If you’re anticipating the arrival of your newest addition, I’d love to talk more with you about documenting your baby in the first day or two of life.

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