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Rachel and Jacob have two births under their belt and showed their experience, research, and commitment when they were ready to birth their third baby. They knew the vbac rate for the local hospital is low, but it wasn’t their first vbac either. A VBAC Birth at CVPH was doable.

Successful VBAC Birth at CVPH

So they did what you do when you want a vbac and are birthing at a hospital with a low vbac rate …. they stayed with family near the hospital and waited as long as possible to go to the hospital. They arrived in active labor and it wasn’t long before Rachel was pushing. She chose her ideal pushing position on the floor, on all fours – a common birthing position, in my experience, for those birthing their third baby. After a move to the bed, with the help from the nurses, baby Hazel was born.

vbac birth at cvph
Big Sisters … meet your Baby Sister

Rachel and Jacob knew they wanted it to be just them at the birth. If birth happened in the middle of the night, they would wait to have the grandparents bring their older girls to meet the baby. That was the plan. But sometimes plans don’t go the way we assume and Rachel was ready to introduce her big girls to their baby sister within an hour of Hazel’s arrival. And it was love at first exciting sight! They were a little quiet and uncertain, but their grins gave them away.

siblings meet their newborn sister

newborn at cvph in plattsburgh

Birth Photography at CVPH in Plattsburgh

Birth Photography is a way to hold your memories so you can process the experience later. It’s always intense and vibrant in the moment. In the days, weeks, months, and years that follow, these images will be so fun to look back on.
When you’re ready to book me to document your birth, let me know!

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