Pregancy + Birth During a Pandemic


  A different world during a pandemic Everyone is feeling overwhelmed and confused. It’s no wonder – information is coming in quickly as those in power attempt to mitigate the effects this pandemic will have on our community and the […]

Birth Class beginning December 5th

Birth is such an exciting time … but in our culture we typically experience birth through poor representations in the media. If you’re expecting soon, join me (beginning this week!) to prep for your birth. It’s likely the most athletic […]

40 days of postpartum

mom holding newborn in front of sliding glass door

Those first forty days are traditionally protected, so mom and her newborn can acclimate to their new reality. This is a time to be insular and focus on your baby. In our culture, 40 days of relative tranquility can be […]

Birth Circle

You just found out you’re expecting and it’s a little bit (or a lot!) overwhelming. Whether this is your first baby or last – a big surprise, or planned forever. Connecting with other expecting families who live nearby is a […]

What’s in a name? ~ 5 Baby Name Resources

Yay! You’re having a baby! …. And that’s about the time to start obsessing about baby name options. This is a big parenting responsibility! This is what this person will be called for life (usually). So I’ve gathered my favorite-naming […]

Herbal Pregnancy Tea – why and how


Herbs are an easy addition to your nutritional diet, adding minerals and vitamins that might otherwise be challenging to consume. There are several herbs that are particularly useful during pregnancy. Herbs for Pregnancy Dandelion Root – high in vitamin C, […]

Routine Screening: glucose tolerance test


When pregnant, there are several screenings or tests that are advised. Pregnant people must research the risks and benefits to these screenings and decide if they are appropriate for their pregnancy. As a pregnant person who has hired a birth […]

Birth Dictionary – all the terminology

For most, the world of birth is a mystery – until you’re in it! And then there’s a speedy learning curve. Here’s a list of terms (a birth dictionary?) that are thrown around in the birth world to help with […]

Local Hospital Birth Options

While homebirths are on the rise, the majority of NY residents (~99% to be more precise) will choose to birth in a hospital. Even so, we generally seek out an environment that is as close to home as possible when […]