Newborn Photography at home in Burlington, VT :: Baby Noah

family with newborn baby at home in Burlington, VT

With each pregnancy, you get a better idea of what birth is like. For me, it was learning that I have a week of “is this it?” before labor actually kicks in.
For Liz, her second pregnancy, like her first, ended weeks before the date on the calendar predicted it would. Baby Noah’s family was so excited to meet him and give him snuggles … to be fair, big sister, Daphne, is a little unsure what all the fuss is about and why the grownups keep asking where the baby’s nose and feet are. It was fun to see her processing it all.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Focusing more on capturing authentic images of newborns and their families in those first few weeks, it’s so satisfying to create art that is unique to each client. Noah’s home included fantastic nature-inspired tones. I love incorporating personal details – a gray blanket from his parents’ bed; the green couch in the living room, the blue bench in his room. These are the elements that put a baby in their environment and make their images personal. These unique details often add an extra bonus in that they show how tiny a new baby is – the fingers, the toes, the ears … – and allows for easy comparison in just a few short years (even months!) to see how much a baby has grown.

Noah’s little baby body curled easily across his dad’s arm, where very soon he’ll be perched upright in his dad’s arms, and a very short time later will be hanging onto his dad’s hand … This time is so slow and so fast all at the same time! It’s images like these that remind us in an instant, just how fast a baby changes. So honored to have the opportunity to document newborn Noah and can’t wait to see how he grows and changes and how his relationship with his sister and parents changes over time too <3

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