Eleven Local Breastfeeding Resources (plus calendar of local events)

Breastfeeding makes sense for many families. It’s kind of funny to imagine before you have a baby, but then it just happens.
Kind of.
There’s challenges in the beginning as you get to know your baby and your baby gets to know you.
And sometimes questions come up throughout your breastfeeding journey – is my baby getting enough? are they getting too much? is this a clogged duct? my baby seems gassy? can I take this medication? etc.
What’s really exciting, is that in the last couple of years, the local breastfeeding resources have increased dramatically!

Eleven Local Breastfeeding Resources

  1. La Leche League – an international resource started in the 50s by a group of radical (for the time) moms (because they breastfed), la leche league aims to support mothers around the world in their breastfeeding endeavors, through mother-to-mother connections and to promote breastfeeding in general. La Leche League is able to do this through a network of volunteers that facilitate local chapters. Our local La Leche League chapter has been active for many years and meets in Plattsburgh at Family Connections. These meetings take place the first Mondaay of the month at 7pm and the third Friday of the month at 10am. All are welcome. Come pregnant with your questions and prepare to be enveloped into a warm group of women ready to encourage you as you begin your journey. Come with your tiny baby, with spit up on your shoulder and tears in your eyes, and be prepared for friendships to blossom as you sit next to another mom, who looks just as frazzled. Come with your toddler, who you’re not sure if you’re ready to wean. All are welcome.
  2. The Library – that’s right. Our local library system has a growing collection of breastfeeding related books. Here’s a search query to get you started. Feel free to inter-library loan any that interest you (you can even request them from your regular local library). They’ll get in touch when your books are ready to be picked up. No need to go searching through the library (or multiple libraries!) for these reads. There’s no time for that!
  3. Nature’s Way Cafe – A group of women meet, with the helpful guidance of a local International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or Certified Lactation Consultant, to talk breastfeeding at Plattsburgh House of Prayer on Broad Street. These meetings are casual but informational. Meetings take place the second Tuesday of the month from 9:30-11:00 and the fourth Thursday of the month from 5pm to 7pm. All are welcome.
  4. CVPH’s Lacation Program – this resource includes International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who are available from 10-4pm, Monday through Saturday by appointment only. This service is open to anyone who is interested in stopping in for troubleshooting breastfeeding challenges – whether you’re baby was born a week ago, a year ago, or beyond. A lactation consultant is available for a free consult by phone and can be reached at 518-562-7142.
  5. The Pediatrician – We have three local pediatricians: Plattsburgh Pediatrics, Plattsburgh Primary Care, and Mountain View Pediatrics. We are fortunate that all three have received New York States Breastfeeding Friendly Practice Designation. All three have Certified Lactation Consultants on staff and are adept at supporting breastfeeding families.
  6. Child Care – Just like pediatrician offices can receive a New York State Breastfeeding Friendly Practice Designation, so can child care centers an homes. Currently, the only child care option with this designation in Clinton County is the YMCA Bright Beginnings Children’s Center.
  7. Clinton County Health Department – The local health department offers peer-to-peer counselors and Certified Lactation Consultants on staff to offer in -person or phone support at their clinic or at a home visit.
  8. Women, Infants and Children (WIC) – This program is available for income-eligible families providing nutritional support for those with children under 5 years old. A big part of nutrition is breastfeeding. WIC supports breastfeeding families with their on-staff Certified Lactation Consultants and their International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.
  9. Keep Calm, Nurse On! -Clinton County – A few years ago, a local mom noticed that she was feeling alone in her breastfeeding journey. She started noticing that friends and acquaintences were breastfeeding but also feeling alone. So she started a local Facebook group. And watched it grow and grow. It’s now an active supportive group of local women who love to meet up in person.
    (Due to some concerning join requests, this group has been set to ‘secret’. Feel free to shoot me a message, if you’d like to be added. Or you can attend a local LLL or Nature’s Way meeting and someone will get you in!)
  10. Healthy Families – Behavioral Health Services North has a home visiting program that includes Certified Lactation Consultants who provide home visits (a huge bonus in those early days, especially!). They can be reached at 518-563-8206 x145
  11. Brown Eyed Photography – After weeks, months, or years of breastfeeding, it’s hard to imagine a time when you aren’t your child’s best source of nutrition. But sooner or later, you’ll move on to new and different phases of your relationship. Before this precious time is over, do yourself a favor, and schedule a professional photo shoot to document this time.

*Interested in becoming an asset to the incredible list of breastfeeding resources we have locally? CVPH is hosting a Certified Lactation Consultant training in September!*

Breastfeeding Resources Online

Sometimes we need breastfeeding answers NOW. We can’t wait for the next support group meeting, or even morning when we could call a LL leader or a lactation consultant, or wait for an answer from the fb group… Here’s a list of websites that are my go-to when a breastfeeding question or concern arises and I want answers.

  1. Kelly Mom – This resource has been available for at least a decade and continues to grow and evolve as the go-to online resource for all your breastfeeding questions. Pregnancy and parenting information is also available.
  2. The Leaky Boob – Definitely an internet rabbit hole came happen here, with a bright and airy website design stocked full of breastfeeding-related articles and information. With seven years in existence, there’s a ton of interesting articles and posts for your reference.
  3. Ask Dr. Sears – The family behind the attachment parenting movement, where breastfeeding is paramount, is also a wealth of info around breastfeeding.




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  1. Hey, didn’t see the pediatricians office on there? Both Plattsburgh pediatrics and Plattsburgh primary care have CLCs on staff! There is also another training in September which I believe all of the office are sending more staff to be trained as CLCs!
    I am also a CLC and available for breastfeeding questions in the pediatricians offices.

    1. Thank you! Will add this now. Didn’t think to include pediatricians offices, but that makes total sense.

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