Birth Photography at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake

new mom and dad with newborn at Adirondack Medical Center

birthing-woman-adirondack-medical-centerAdirondack Medical Center Birth Photography

After touring area hospitals (see here for local hospital birth options), I couldn’t wait to document a birth at Adirondack Medical Center.
Kiersten and Stephen were so excited to meet their new baby. Kiersten was strong and confident. Stephen was completely supportive of Kiersten and also so very concerned about Kiersten and her well being. I’d be lying if I didn’t say this didn’t cause my eyes to leak. More than once. Their love and respect for each other was so obvious.

Adirondack Medical Center Birth PhotographyThe team at Adirondack Medical Center was so kind, patient, and respectful of Kiersten and Stephen’s birthing space. When Kiersten had moments of doubt, the nurse and OB reassured her that she was doing everything well and her baby was doing well. Kiersten smiled warmly at Stephen between contractions.

Adirondack Medical Center Cesarean Section Birth Photography
Cesarean Section Birth Photography

After hours of pushing, Kiersten made the decision to shift her birth plan and birth her baby via cesarean section. Kiersten’s birth team continued to support her wishes and maximized the amount of time she had with her baby immediately after he was born. When Kiersten heard her baby’s cry, she turned to Stephen and was glowing. She looked so proud and happy to finally hear what her baby’s voice sounded like.

newborn baby

There was an army of grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles waiting in the waiting area to meet their new family member. The excitement was palpable! There were conversations via cell phone with family members who were driving as fast as they could and crossing their fingers that they didn’t get pulled over. This baby had so much love surrounding his birth.
After some time hanging out with his new family in his dad’s arms, this new baby laid eyes on his mama and stared and stared … and Kiersten could hardly stop looking at her beautiful baby boy.

Adirondack Medical Center is protective of that magical first hour or two after birth. They ensured that Kiersten and Stephen had this time with their baby, to bond, to breastfeed, to take a minute to process their experience.

new mom and dad with newborn at Adirondack Medical Center

The start of a Family

Birth matters. How we’re treated in birth matters. It sets us up for parenting. Kiersten and Stephen were shown their inner strength, calm, and nurturing skills that will shine in their future parenting journey too.

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