Birth Class beginning December 5th

Childbirth Education Plattsburgh

Birth is such an exciting time … but in our culture we typically experience birth through poor representations in the media.

If you’re expecting soon, join me (beginning this week!) to prep for your birth. It’s likely the most athletic event you’ll ever participate in. Birth class is comparable to the training done before a marathon. (At least that’s what I hear!)

Find more info and a link to the application form here.

What others have said

“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! I didn’t take a birth class before my first birth and this new information definitely made a difference. I’m not terrified to birth again and I actually enjoyed my birth experience.”
– Mom of 2,
Plattsburgh, 2018


“This was my second time giving birth but my oldest is almost 10. This was an excellent reminder of what happens during a birth. I felt much better prepared this time around.”
Mom of 2,
Saranac, 2018

“My husband was definitely not prepared last time. This birth class allowed us to think through how we birthed last time and what things we wanted to stay the same and what things we wanted to change this time. I felt informed and in charge of this birth. I knew what questions to ask and was comfortable with decisions that I made because I knew what all my options were this time.”
-Mom of 3,
Cadyville, 2018


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