Breastfeeding Photography


As a passionate breastfeeding advocate, Sarah – the photographer behind Brown Eyed Photography started a breastfeeding photography project, capturing nursing pairs in obviously local places, breastfeeding with the breastfeeding photography saranacgoal of normalizing breastfeeding. The enthusiasm of our community has only encouraged Sarah’s passion. She loves capturing women breastfeeding their nurslings.
Sarah works with families to design their on-location breastfeeding photography shoot. Images capture the incredible relationship between moms and their nurslings. Locations may include an urban setting, a rural setting, or at home. Breastfeeding shoots are a fantastic way to capture a memory of that newborn, baby, toddler, or preschooler’s relationship with their parent during this time.

When you’re interested in scheduling your breastfeeding shoot, let me know!
To see more images, see the breastfeeding gallery.