I'm so glad you found your way to me during your birthing season. I'm aSarah Vaillancourt Doula Birth Arts International certified doula and experienced photographer. This combination brings gentle support, evidence based information, and beautiful documentation leading up to your birth, during birth, and in the weeks following. I am incredibly honored to bear witness to this completely incredible yet absolutely normal part of life. Sarah Vaillancourt Doula

What They’re All Saying

“Sarah had a calming effect and could tell what I needed when I needed it. She was very in tune to my specific needs.”

Rosanne, mom of seven

“Sarah was incredible. She was attentive and present when I needed her. She supported both my husband and I while allowing us the chance to guide the experience of our own unique birth. She was respectful of our choices but she also helpfully reminded us of our birth wishes and made us feel informed when we needed to make decisions that deviated from our plan. I wouldn’t have wanted her to do anything different!”

Kelsey, mom of one

“Sarah was amazing because she knew just what I needed when I needed it without being told.”

Becky, mom of six